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NSF Award Search: Award# - Computational Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis with Applications

He has strong interests in singular Dixmier traces and their applications. Norman Wildberger has worked on the orbit method and moment map on compact and nilpotent Lie groups.

He has recently been developing the theory of hypergroups which impacts significantly in this area, and also has applications to diophantine equations. Dmitriy Zanin studies functions and the functions of functions, with applications ranging from quantum physics to signal processing. Skip to main content.

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Representation Theory and Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis I

Thomas Sowell. Lou Taylor. Michael D. Professor Mary Douglas. Hermione Lee. Victoria J. Peter N. Kathleen Raine.

Michael Brake. Nicholas Orme. John Gray. Victor Ehrenberg. Nigel Ashford.

Functional and Harmonic Analysis

Linda Clarke. The Fourier transform and tempered distributionsB. The spectral theoremC. The Radon transform on Euclidean spaceD.